Top 17 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2019

Nearly everyone likes a good massage from time to time, but not everyone has the time in his or her schedule to get to a professional masseuse. It is difficult to find a person that your body gels with for one. It is another thing entirely to get in your car and make it to their shop for another. When your body is screaming out for a massage, you want it now. That is precisely why we have scoured the market for some of the best massage chairs available today. These chairs suit a wide variety of massage related purposes depending on your body type and your needs, so take a look at each of the best massage chair reviews below and determine which is the best fit for you. Your body will surely be happy that you took the time to do so!

Massage ChairPros Cons Best Products
1. Brookstone Massage ChairBrookstone Recover 3D Zero Gravity
2. Human Touch Massage ChairHuman Touch WholeBody 5.1
3. Osaki Massage ChairOsaki OS-4000T
4. iJoy Massage Chair
5. INADA Massage Chair
6. Panasonic Massage Chair
7. Cozzia Massage Chair
8. Infinity Massage Chair
9. Kahuna Massage Chair
10. Titan Massage Chair
11. Ideal Massage Chair
12. Luraco Massage Chair
13. Real Relax Massage Chair
14. Bestmassage Massage Chair
15. Relaxonchair Massage Chair
16. Merax Massage Chair
17. Health andBeauty Massage Chair

1. Brookstone Massage Chair

The Renew Zero Gravity Massage Chair by Brookstone has become one of the more highly sought after chairs on the market for a reason. Customers consistently rate it as the best value for their money, bar none. This says a lot since it obviously lacks the personal touch of a human! The features of this fantastic chair begin with an impressive eight different massage programs that are fully automatic. These include full body, stress relief, back relief, and much more.

There is a special L-track massage feature that moves straight down the back and continues on to go under the glutes in one continuous motion. For those with spinal cord concerns, the zero gravity position of this particular chair effectively reduces spinal pressure. For those who want to get their muscles loosened up, there is an optional lumbar heat system that will do this effectively. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading…

The Brookstone is designed to help users relax, rejuvenate, and renew. It can be used to start out the day on the right foot, and to help you rewind at the end of a very long adventure. In addition to the eight automatic programs, there is a Dynamic Squeeze air-cell massage that will leave you feeling angelic. With the body scanning technology that is included on this particular chair, you will able to eliminate your daily stress, while working to soothe the soul at the same time.

For those who only have a few moments to spare in between appointments, there is a quick session that gives users a full body treatment in only five minutes. This will leave you wanting much more, but that can happen when you next have time. At that point, you will want to take part in the five different techniques that this chair will perform on you. During any given full body session, you will be kneaded, tapped, kneaded while being tapped, experience shiatsu, and be rolled. That is quite the massage! Trust us – We know.

For even more personalization, there is a pressure point detection system that will enable you to customize the treatment that you receive. That means that each member of your household can receive a slightly different feel based upon their own individual needs. This customization will enable you to switch between the type of the massage, the speed with which it is executed, the width of the roller, and even the specific zone of the body that is targeted. The air massage feature is adjustable and allows you to focus on one or multiple areas in an effort to get you relaxed and to improve your circulation. All of this takes place via a simple to use remote that contains intuitive buttons and an LCD screen that is easy to see.

2. Human Touch Massage Chair

Another of the best massage chairs that we have reviewed recently is the Human Touch. This one comes in multiple models depending on the features that you would like to have, and it has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. The new features just keep rolling out, beginning with a new way of adjusting the intensity of the roller. This can now be done with a simple press of a button on the remote. This effectively enables you to adjust the intensity of the massage, from strong to weak. In a way, this simulates the verbal instructions that one would give to a live masseuse, except you now don’t even have to open your mouth!

As a part of our review of this best chair, we have found that many people rave about the intensity of the rollers, as it provides for a vigorous massage. The fact that they can be adjusted has made this even more appealing. Beyond that feature, there is also now a way to adjust the intensity of the calf airbags as well. This begins with you being able to change the width of the calf, which ends up regulating the amount of air that is pumped into the airbags. Again, this creates either more or less intensity. It is up to you.

For those who enjoy a bit of heat on their back, that feature has also been taken into account. If you have some muscle scarring, this is a great feature to have. The heat is low intensity, so you do not have to worry about it becoming too much or invasive during the treatment itself. Beyond this, the swivel base feature is also a welcome touch to this chair. You will find that you are able to swivel this one a total of 60 degrees when desired, which puts it into a select category of chairs that actually offer that range of movement.

You can select from a total of three different programs, each of which is automatic. The choices are: full body, upper back, and lower back. This touches the major areas, so most users should find this more than adequate. There is also a stretch program that one can use, and this involves the calf airbags working on your legs while the rollers effectively massage your back. All the while, the chair will be shifting up and down, so you will get quite the complete massage in no time at all.

3. Osaki Massage Chair

If you are looking for an innovative and sleek looking chair, the Osaki OS-4000 is for you. Using airbag technology, an authentic experience is replicated that will leave you feeling like human hands have put you into a total state of relaxation. Gravitational pressure is produced on your back that will get you into the total relaxed state of mind. You will also be able to easily adjust both the speed and intensity of the chair, while the body scan technology integrated into the design will help you get the chair ready for your particular body shape. Overall, there are several design features on the Osaki that make it stand out and worthy of inclusion in our best massage chair review.

We begin with the S-Track design. This enables the chair to perfectly match the natural curvature of your spine. A particular focus on the design was placed into the lumbar area. This chair is actually comfortable to sit in on its own, so you know you are in for a special treat once the program you select actually begins. Another great feature with is the integrated zero gravity technology. This works to minimize the pressure on your spine. You will feel as if you are in space because of the total weightless feeling that is replicated and the state of relaxation that you are put into. You will especially notice this on your back and neck.

As mentioned, the computer body scan technology is pretty special on the Osaki OS-4000 as well. Before your massage even begins, the body will scanned and the chair adjusted to meet the precise needs of your body type. This is great for multi-individual family households, as everyone will be able to enjoy the chair equally. You will notice that the chair itself will automatically adjust according to the shape and size of the person sitting in it, resulting in an individualized treatment that you will enjoy each and every time.

Airbags are no longer just for cars. The number of airbags on this chair has been minimized, while the amount of space on the surface that they end of covering has been maximized. This has taken out the clunky feeling and resulted in a mechanical system that is much more smooth. This results in a more natural feel to your massage. The twin rollers that have been added to this model are a nice touch as well, as they replicate that human sensation of hands. That is, after all, what has made massages so enjoyable throughout history.

To round things out, another feature that has placed this model on our best massage chairs list is the two controllers that come standard. The remotes are clear and easy to use, and they carry users through a wide range of different massage options. The primary remote will be used to control the chair, but there is also a wireless remote that can easily be used to control the main functions of the chair, even when you are just reclining in it.

4. iJoy Massage Chair

On the surface, the iJoy might look simple and basic, but the number of features that it possesses makes it anything but that. You will get a powerful massage out of this chair without needing a lot of space to do so. Notable features are the customizable nature of the settings and the compact design that it comes in. In essence, this chair proves that bigger is not always better.

Without many of the features that the bigger massage chairs have, it is easy to wonder how this has made it our best massage chair reviews list in the first place. The answer begins with the innovative FlexGuide technology that this chair brings to the table. This replicates an in person experience where the spine and muscular system of the body are focused on. This is why users have reported great results with this chair providing fast-acting relief to muscles that have become tired and strained. This is achieved via the deep massage and vibration movements that the it produces.

The orbital massage feature carries with it tremendous benefits. The wear and tear on our spine, and the pain that our muscles present us with, are all taken care of with the vibrating nature of this chair. The relief comes on quickly as well, making this an ideal place to sit after a long day out and about in the city, or chasing after the kids. You will also find that this chair is customizable. This is a major feature of the best massage chairs. What one person is looking for in their massage might be the complete opposite from another family member or friend. You can choose from three different pre-set programs, or you can use the controller to create you own. The choice is really up to you.

If you like to recline in your chair, this one allows you to do so up to a 45 degree angle. This permits you to get into a state of relaxation and literally just let the chair take over. This makes it a perfect place to park yourself after a healthy workout or a stressful day at work. Again, the compact nature of the chair allows you to enjoy it even in a home that really does not have much available room.

If there were a drawback, it would be its size. Even then, however, this is only a limitation if you are over 6’1”.  In addition, some users have found the abnormally strong settings to be a tad on the uncomfortable side. There is also limited warranty coverage relative to other chairs in this category. Those drawbacks are more than minimized with the benefits that the iJoy brings to the table. Not only does it come with three pre-programmed programs, users are able to easily create their own custom program if they so choose. In addition, this chair combines vibration with roller technology to produce a well-rounded treatment. The compact nature of the chair, again, makes it the perfect choice for smaller homes, condos, or apartments.

5. INADA Massage Chair

Boasting an impressive 1,000 different combinations, the greatest strength of the INADA is perhaps it versatility. Users are able to easily create their own experience based on their own likes and needs. There is a manual mode that is easy enough to manipulate, resulting in a myriad of possible combinations that include tapping, kneading, back vibration, the feel of human hands, rolling, and the list goes on. Within those same manual control functions just mentioned, users are also able to select from multiple options that further create a personalized experience.

To begin this best massage chair review, let us talk about the impressive array of eight different health care massage sessions that are pre-programmed into the design. They are based on shiatsu, and this includes nighttime, morning, stretch, and dream weave programs. The latter is meant to get the user into a total state of near complete relaxation. This feature alone is why many users with insomnia have reported the INADA to be the best available on the market today.

This particular product provides an impressive 1,200 square inches of coverage. This means that your entire body will be covered and massaged, should you select a program to do so. Because the chair has so much space, a cradling effect is produced, and this serves to enhance the relaxation nature of the massage. The INADA also produces a complete shoulder and full arm massage feature. This will help take away the tension from your neck and shoulders. This is also done with a shiatsu method that makes use of airbags. The airbags will gently squeeze and knead your arm and hand muscles. At the same time, there is a complete upper body program just waiting for you to experience, and that will help to wipe away many of the aches and pains that you might be feeling.

Unlike other chairs in this genre, the INADA also has a back sensor scan that will measure the curvature of your back and match it to one of 106 different profiles that it has stored in the system. This will help users to customize the nature of their massage and have it set to their exact body type. However, one drawback to this particular chair is its heavy size. Some users have also reported that the curved position of the chair actually makes them feel a bit uncomfortable. Others have stated that some of the functions simply are not powerful and robust enough to recreate the sensation of a deep tissue massage.

From a positive perspective, there are many advantages to note with the INADA. With a total of eight automatic healthcare massage and 4 wellbeing programs to choose from, there is more than enough to satisfy most users. The shoulder and full arm program is also a nice touch, as is the impressive 1,200 square inches of coverage. This chair is focused on the shiatsu style and that produces a relaxing experience that is rather impressive. The hip and thigh function on this chair has also been reported by users to be particularly helpful, and the chair coming in five available colors satisfies the interior design need that many users out there have.

6. Panasonic Massage Chair

The Panasonic is high end, but boy is it well worth it. This is a special creation that encompasses the main features of all of the best massage chairs and seems to put them all into one. While it may be on the pricier end of our best massage chair reviews, the lengthy warranty eases that pain somewhat, as does the impressive array of extra features that this chair comes equipped with. There really is nothing that the designers of this chair did not take into account, right down to the set of Panasonic headphones that is included in every box.

With so many features to discuss, the most difficult part of this review is focusing on just a few. Let us begin with the 3D ultra kneading technology built into this model. You will likely find that just about every point in your body that you would like to have focused on is taken into account. You will notice that the acupressure that is built into this chair will work out knots and relax your muscles that have become worn out, just like Panasonic advertises. You can even get the soles of feet massaged via the adjustable footrests that accommodate almost any size user. One item of note is that the kneading pressure can get quite intense at the higher setting, so just tone that down a bit if you desire a more comfortable feel.

If you have ever wanted a heated head and foot massage, now is your chance. This feature will help you eliminate the aches that result from standing on your feet all day, and your stress will move away from your head as it is targeted as well. This is done with the heat pads integrated into this best massage chair. You will find that both are just the right temperature to result in a most comfortable and calming effect, allowing a stiff neck to be relaxed almost immediately. Some users have noted that the foot pads can become a bit warm and sticky. This is a result of the synthetic leather surface, so that might be something to consider.

Your hands do not miss out on anything with the Panasonic, unlike other options in this category. This chair finds the pressure points in your hands and gets them massaged to the point that your entire body becomes relaxed. You will find the armrests to be extremely comfortable. The chair itself makes use of airbag technology as it works your palms, wrists, and fingertips. If you are new to this style, you might find that the sensation is a bit uncomfortable at first, but you may come to quickly like how you feel afterwards. So, give it a try!

The Panasonic also comes equipped with five different functions that users have reported falling in love with. The three most popular are the Swedish, Shiatsu, and rolling styles. You can also take these and further customize them to fit your own needs. This means that you can easily adjust the intensity of each option if you find one to be just a bit much. With so many features on a chair, you might think that the controls would be difficult to master. However, most users have reported this to be yet another strength of the Panasonic as they really are easy to get the hang of.

7. Cozzia Massage Chair

Being a company that specializes in all things massage, it should come as little surprise that this one is on our list of the best massage chairs. The Cozzia Massage Chair is a product that will get users into a relaxed state of mind, and at a pricing point that many are comfortable with. This particular chair makes use of innovative Shiatsu technology. This has enabled the design of the chair to replicate the real feeling of a natural massage, right down to the firm positioning of the hands that a professional masseuse would bring to the table. The high quality of materials is also appealing to users, because they lend themselves well to the overall durability and efficiency.

This chair provides users with a full body treatment that is advertised to help soothe and relax nearly muscle in the body. Depending on your desire, you can choose from either a sensitive or vigorous. Because of this, older individuals like the gentle nature of this model, while athletes have also grown to love it because of their desire for a much stronger feel. The full body scan technology incorporated on many high end chairs today is present on this one as well. You will find that the chair will adjust to your specific body type and height, making this is a suitable option for households with multiple users.

The design of this product incorporates programmed options for some of the more common uses. This includes spa, smart, healthcare, and relaxation. Out of this comes the array of features that has made this product so popular, including tapping, clapping, rolling, Shiatsu, kneading, and Swedish massage. It is also a nice added feature that both the intensity and the width of the massage can be adjusted as well. You can set it to run from anywhere between five and thirty minutes, after which point the chair will automatically shut itself off.

This particular chair utilizes an innovative air pressure system. This means that the complete body, right down to the calves, feet, and back, can benefit with this chair. There is also a handy automatic angle adjustment for the foot rest, so you can get your back and feet some needed relief during the massage itself.

8. Infinity Massage Chair

You will find the Infinity to be most therapeutic in nature, making it one of the more popular deep tissue chairs available on the market today. There are an array features that can be used with each and every program that are almost guaranteed to leave you in a relaxed state. While there are quite a few features available within this particular product, we have chosen to focus on a few. These include: zero gravity, inversion therapy, spine correction, and waist twist.

NASA first developed the zero gravity chair in an effort to take away much of the compression and tension that the spine would feel during a launch. This same technology has now made its way to this product. There are actually two different settings that make use of this feature. The chair itself will recline, and your legs will rise up in the air to bring them level with your heart. As this happens, you will find that you are able to practice deep breathing, putting you into an even deeper state of relaxation. This also helps the rollers to give you an even deeper and more meaningful massage.

You will also enjoy the inversion therapy feature. Once again, gravity will go to work for you by allowing your body to line up with the downward force of gravity itself. This happens as the chair reclines back even further than the zero gravity position can take you. Your body weight will be used as all the traction that the chair needs to do this effectively. The benefit of inversion therapy is that it elongates the spine because the space between the vertebrae is effectively increased. What you will notice is that the pressure on the discs, ligaments, and nerve roots will begin to go away. As this happens, you should notice that you experience less back pain.

With the spine correction feature, you will notice that you are able to fix your posture with every new session that you take part in. This happens because of the innovation that is found with the Tru-Grip V Stretch. This is a type of Thai stretching technique that makes use of the hip, seat, and back airbags in the chair. This is then combined with the roller in an effort to stretch and relieve the tension that has built up in your back. All of this is done while sitting in the chair, which is rather remarkable if you think about it.

Finally, it is important to mention the waist twist. This is a seat that will swivel, all the while moving your hips from one side to the other. This twisting motion ends up helping to work and stretch your lower back area. At the same time, your hips will become warm, which aids in the relief of your lower back pain. The remarkable thing is that this can help relieve your pain even if it is very acute. With three different speed levels to choose from, you will never be at a loss for an effective and relaxing massage.

9. Kahuna Massage Chair

The Kahuna is one of those options that is high end on quality, but is surprisingly affordable as well. The chair itself does not have airbags for your posterior like others in this class, but instead opts for an L-track system that works the users from the neck right down to the buttocks. It does with its quad rollers, and the movement of those is something special indeed. You will love the features that this chair brings to the table.

First, the yoga stretching program is something unique that users can’t stop raving about enough. This creates a full body stretch that focuses specifically on the leg and pelvic region of the body. This stretching program can be combined with a normal session that lasts 30 minutes, as the chair can also perform a hip twist that is rather effective.

You will likely grow to love the three different zero gravity positions available on the Kahuna. There are few others on the market that can promote this particular feature. The great aspect of zero gravity is that it puts you into a fully relaxed state while providing you with a most effective and therapeutic massage that you will love. The body scan technology comes into play here as well. Your body is different from those around you. This chair will sense that and will adapt based on your shape and your individual needs. It does not matter how small or how big you are, as this chair will accommodate you equally. The scan itself is complete in just a few seconds, and then the results will be stored for future use.

The deep foot massage is another feature of this chair that is rather special. It targets various acupuncture points by using a kneading style of action. The airbags will inflate to make your foot massage even more intense by pushing the feet directly towards the dual roller. With a three year warranty that covers all parts and labor for the first year, this chair becomes even more appealing.

10. Titan Massage Chair

The Titan comes packed with many of the features that you are likely looking for. From the 3D rollers to the equally innovative 3D foot massagers, your entire body will be worked on during each program. Other notable features include the 2 stage zero gravity system, adjustable shoulder massagers, and the Bluetooth technology with corresponding mobile app that really brings entertainment to the forefront of the experience.

Let’s begin this best massage chair review with a description of what makes the 3D roller technology so special. Many chairs on the market today only make use of a 2D track. While this works, it is only minimally effective because it merely goes up and down, and then side to side. What 3D brings to the table is a roller that combines those two features with the ability to also go in and out. This recreates a real hand sensation, so you feel hand motions on you that can actually protrude an impressive 4.7 inches.

The length of the roller is also rather impressive. At 32 inches in length, it can easily massage from your neck down to your tailbone. Along the way, there are multiple width adjustments that you can make in order to accommodate your specific body type. This is a personalized experience that really cannot be beat. Another feature to note here is that you can also adjust the speed and intensity with which the roller conducts your treatment. This is your massage, so you can order it however you want!

Another great aspect to this particular model is the combined 61 airbags that have gone into its design. This results in a feel that is as luxurious as it is effective. You will be able to get a full body massage, as airbags will be strategically located on your arms, things, buttocks, outer shoulder, upper arms, calf region, and your feet. You will quite literally feel it everywhere. In addition, you can easily adjust the intensity of the air compression that comes out at you if you feel that it is too intense. Conversely, if you want it even more intense, you can dial it up another notch or two if you so desire.

The features don’t stop there. You will fall in love with the lumbar and knee heat pads that come with the Titan. This is located in the lower back region and will help loosen up your muscle tissues in that area. You will find some infrared heat coming from the area around your knees. This is helpful in relieving the stiff and sore feeling that you can encounter in that region if you have been on your feet all day.

There are five different techniques that can be enjoyed with this chair, each designed to give you the type of therapeutic relief that you have been looking for. This includes shoulder, knead and flap, knead, flap, and Shiatsu. Each of the techniques bring a different type of relief depending on your body style and what you are looking to get out of the massage. There are also six automatic programs that you can select. These include the following: time, fine, relax, stiffness, air pressure, and waist stretch.

If that is not enough, you are also free to design your own program and then save it on one of the three available memory slots. Finally, there is also a remote control feature to this chair that is very simple to use. It is an LCD pedestal style remote that will actually show you exactly where your chair is within the cycle you have chosen. Every function can be accessed from the remote, and you can make adjustments mid-massage if you choose to.

11. Ideal Massage Chair

If you are looking for a great chair with many of the features of a high-end model, but at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, you will want to consider the Ideal Massage Chair. While this chair does only provide basic features in comparison to many of the other chairs on our best massage chair reviews list, it is nonetheless a great option because of the quality that it delivers. The impressive aspect of this chair is that, even given its low price, it still implements three different zero gravity positions. This is almost unheard of in this category of chair, and that is why so many people continue to rush out and purchase it.

The S-track roller on this chair is another main feature. While this is a bit older technology than some of the newer chairs employ, they still get the job done effectively. You will find that the rollers give a great massage to your complete body, from the neck right to the tip of your tailbone. This roller system is meant to work in conjunction with a full body scan in order to get a complete picture of your body. This will enable the chair to alter the treatment to meet your individual needs.

The chair is equipped with an S-track massage robot, meaning that the hips and buttocks region receives a good vibration courtesy of the embedded airbags. There is also a complete foot massage unit designed into this particular chair, and it takes into account both the calves and the feet. While there are eight supported airbags on this chair, there are not any foot rollers included under your soles. Instead, you will notice that kneading balls are used. While these do not receive the high ratings typically associated with foot rollers, they are nonetheless effective given the price of this chair. Just keep in mind that kneading balls cannot spin, so your feet will not receive any type of reflexology treatment. The balls can, however, push your feet up towards the airbags, which adds a great deal of intensity and makes it more enjoyable overall.

While the Ideal does not support any type of full body stretching techniques or programs, it does have the added feature of heat therapy for the lower back. In addition, the footrest is extendable, making this great for people that are a bit taller. There are 14 different combinations programmed into the chair, with four of them being automated. These include the following: Shiatsu, kneading, spinal-rolling, and vibration. The duration can be set at between five to thirty minutes, putting you in total control. There is even a manual option that allows users to control the back rollers and take them to any section of your back, all the while adjusting the type of massage, speed and intensity.

12. Luraco Massage Chair

The Luraco Massage Chair is so feature rich and dynamic that is difficult to know where to begin a review of it. Let’s begin from a manufacturer’s perspective. This is the only chair on our best massage chairs review list that is completely designed and assembled 100 percent in the United States. It also combines some of the latest technology in the health care and entertainment fields to create a chair that you will look forward to getting into day after day.

One of the main features on this chair is the 3D roller. These rollers are great because they can be adjusted go forward or backward, and users can either increase or decrease the intensity of the massage that they are receiving. You might want a deep massage, but your spouse may desire something a bit gentler. That is not an issue with the Luraco given its complete range of customizable features.

There is also a 32-inch S-track roller included on this chair. This means that the high and low points of your spine will be worked, and this includes the top your glutes. These rollers will provide you with an effective neck and upper back massage, while at the same time hitting the lower region of your back to relieve any pain that you might be having there. This chair also accommodates people from 5’ 2” to 6’ 5”, so that is a powerful feature to note as well.

The touch screen remote control has been completely redesigned and has taken on the feel of a smart phone. In fact, the same technology used in smart phones today has been incorporated into the remote on the Luraco Massage Chair. You will have absolute control over every feature available on the chair, and this includes all the functions as well. If you want to change the program in the middle, you can do that easily from the remote itself.

Many users have also exclaimed that they just cannot get enough of the advanced air compression technology that has been incorporated into the Luraco. This all begins with the most impressive number of airbags that are in place – 80 – which makes it the most of any other chair currently on the market. Because of all these airbags, users report receiving the most comprehensive full body massage they have ever received encompassing their arms, hands, back, hips, shoulders, legs, waist, calves, feet, and…well…you get the picture. This is simply a great experience waiting to be had. Add to that the dual mechanical foot rollers that are strategically placed on the bottom of the ottoman, and your soles will receive the tender loving care that they deserve as well. The double foot rollers are able to focus on the acupoints in your feet to create a most stimulating reflexology massage.

As if the features just mentioned were not enough, there are other design inclusions that really set this chair apart from many others on the market today. The zero gravity recline is able to help relieve any spinal compression that you might have. This is the same technology that was designed by NASA to help get astronauts ready to enter space. You will not be able to get this massage recreated anywhere, even if you paid a visit to the most accomplished professional masseuse.

Like many others on the best massage chairs review list, this chair makes use of body scan technology. When you first use the chair, your body will be scanned and the chair will then automatically adjust to fit your specific body type.

There are nine automatic programs on this model, each easily controlled with the push of a button on the included remote. Each will provide you with the relaxing and stress reducing massage that you have been hoping for. This begins with a quick mode for those that just have a few minutes to spare. In only 10 minutes, the chair will conduct a full body treatment for you. When you have more time, try out the other eight programs. These include: Health Mode, Morning Mode, Night Mode, Swedish Mode, Shiatsu Mode, Stretch mode, Soft Mode, and TV Mode. That last program is a unique addition to this product. It will put you into the most comfortable position to view your favorite television program. The only trick will be to stay awake if the big game is on!

If you would like to have just a bit more control, you can easily enter into manual mode. This enables you to quickly turn on and off various areas of the chair so that you can focus on just a few components. Once you find a profile that you like, you can save it to enjoy again later. In fact, the Luraco offers users five different memory program slots that they can use to plug in their favorite customization. This means that several members of the same household can create and save their own programs.

To keep others in the house from complaining about all the relaxation you are receiving at the expense of their ears, the Luraco employs noise reduction technology. This is relatively new to the industry and has resulted in a cycle that is not only relaxing, but one that is relatively quiet as well. If you are looking for some heat in your massage, this chair has you covered as well. You will find some heating pads strategically located in the feet, back, and the seat. You can also customize this further to select between five different levels of heat intensity.

The adjustability factor on this best massage chair is something to marvel at as well. To begin, the airbag intensity can easily be adjusted with just a touch of a button to suit your own personal preference. You can also adjust the shoulder width with three settings, going from narrow to wide. If that isn’t enough, you can adjust the intensity of the rollers, and the speed as well.

There is no need to scramble to find your music player, as a music system is built in. You can either bring in your own music that you have placed onto an SD card, or you can enjoy the music already programmed into the chair. Users have reported that the sound quality on the Luraco is the best on the market.

It’s about time for us to wrap this review up, but let us touch on just a few more features in case you are still on the fence. The Luraco has leather touch points. This is not synthetic leather either. Whenever your neck, feet, or arms touch this chair, the skin will be resting on the most premium and comfortable leather upholstery available on any chair today. The chair also has an ottoman and can be adjusted to accommodate people up to 6’5”.

Finally, two features that are unique to only the Luraco are the multi-language voice response system and the optional blood pressure and heart rate monitor. That’s right – this chair speaks English, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese. In addition, the blood pressure and heart rate monitor can help you keep track of your vital statistics and keep a record of it for you as well.

13. Real Relax Massage Chair

The Real Relax Massage Chair is a budget entry into our best massage chair review list, but it packs some powerful features that make it worthy of your consideration. This all begins with the zero gravity massage that this chair brings to the table. As you are probably aware, this is the best robotic invention today, so to have this technology included on a less expensive model is a major development. Zero gravity helps to bring the relief that is typically associated with massage right to a chair. It does this by helping your body to go even deeper into a relaxed state, as you will literally feel weightless.

The foot rollers that are included on the Real Relax make it possible to receive that reflexology that you have only been dreaming of to this point. The integrated foot rollers on this chair enable acupoints in your feet to be activated throughout the treatment. The rollers work by using a spinning action while they are being pushed onto your feet. This produces such a relaxing feeling that you will probably find yourself on the verge of sleep in no time at all.

Heat therapy is also an important part of any great massage, and that design feature has been added to the product as well. The heat pads that are there will promote not only a feeling of relaxation, but will also provide medicinal help as well. The heating modules on this chair are located in the lumbar region and will help to relieve the back pain that you might have been suffering from for quite some time.

Two other notable features that are included on the Real Relax are the extendable foot massager and the waist airbags. This is not just your ordinary chair, as your full foot and calf are accounted for. Both the included airbags and foot rollers will work the feet. At the same time that is taking place, your calves will also be worked by the four airbags. This will aid in the increasing of your blood circulation throughout the body. The foot massager is also extendable, making it possible for users on the taller end of the spectrum to make use of the chair. Also worthy of note are the waist airbags. These are located in the sides of each seat and will inflate individually at periodic intervals throughout the program in order to provide much needed stimulation to your waist and hips.

14. Bestmassage Massage Chair

As its name implies, the Bestmassage is worthy of inclusion in this best massage chairs review list as well. The pricing point for this chair is great, and it still provides many of the same great functions and features associated with massage chairs that are much more expensive. The Bestmassage offers an impressive six different techniques, three automatic programs, and a slew of other cool added features as well. Let us cover some of those for you now just to whet your appetite.

The six different types offered by this chair include: kneading, flapping, compressing, rolling, tapping and percussion. The chop-action tapping that can be produced is especially useful for users that are looking for more of a vigorous massage. This chair can really work out some of the most knotted up of muscles. In addition, there are three different pre-set programs already included in this chair. They are: Recovery, Relax, and Refresh. For those that are looking for an intense and vigorous style, Refresh is the program for you. This is most often used during the morning hours, while Relax is a great program option for users that prefer a massage at the end of the day. It is even reported that completing this program right before bed leads to a more restful and peaceful night of sleep. If you have some muscular pain that you need to have worked out, the Recovery program should be just what the doctor ordered. In short, whatever style you are looking for, you will likely find it with the Bestmassage.

Just because this product is a bit less expensive than others on the market today does not mean that the designers neglected functionality. Impressively enough, there are more than 30 airbags on this chair. Each one is strategically positioned throughout the surface. This creates a great deal of squeezing pressure and is really good for your calf muscles and feet as well.

Heat intelligent rollers are also included on the Bestmassage. These rollers move within the chair itself to really create a feeling of therapeutic warmth throughout the body. This includes the foot rest. If your feet are really hurting you, it is time to consider giving this chair a try. Finally, it is important to mention the neck feature included on this chair. It is naturally located within the head rest itself and effectively works to apply pressure to the neck and surrounding shoulder muscles. This will help work out those knots that you have developed and relieve any tension that you might have.

15. Relaxonchair Massage Chair

The Relaxonchair Massage Chair makes use of the incredible Shiatsu technique and combines that with the technological innovation of zero gravity. This chair makes our list for many reasons, but just consider the fact that it also has heating pads and body scan features and you will likely be sold from the outset. One of the appealing aspects is that it comes in a bit cheaper than other models with similar features. It is also a bit smaller than many chairs on the market today, making it ideal for users who reside in a small apartment or condo.

The Relaxonchair accommodates users up to 6’2” and 345 pounds. At a weight of 183 pounds, you will want to position it where you want it the first time, but the company does offer a white glove service that will bring company representatives to your home or office to set it up for you. There are two lower back heating pads included with the design of this chair, making it an ideal selection for anyone that has either chronic back pain or sciatica.

There are four different automatic massage programs built into the design of the Reflexonchair. For those that like their massage a bit intense, but live with another person that likes it a bit more on the gentle side, you will be happy to know that there are three different settings for the intensity and speed.

There is a special L-track feature that moves straight down the back and continues on to go under the glutes in one continuous motion. For those with spinal cord concerns, the zero gravity position of this particular chair effectively reduces spinal pressure. For those who want to get their muscles loosened up, there is also an optional lumbar heat system that will do this effectively. All of this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading…

This product is designed to help users relax, rejuvenate, and renew. It can be used to start out the day on the right foot, and to help you rewind at the end of a very long adventure. In addition to the included automatic programs, there is the included airbag technology that will leave you feeling more than happy when you are finished. With the body scanning technology that is included on this particular chair, you will able to eliminate your daily stress, while working to soothe the soul at the same time. There is even a built-in sensor that is designed to determine the exact length of your spin and then choose just the right spots to focus on.

16. Merax Massage Chair

The Merax Massage Chair is a low price entry into the market, but it still has more than enough features to land it squarely on our best massage chair review list. This chair provides an electric full body Shiatsu massage, complete with a recliner that also has a heat enabled stretched foot rest. It comes equipped to focus on eight different points that allow users to get a massage on the neck, back, and lumbar regions. This is a type of full body massage that dreams are made of.

This chair provides users with a full body massage that is advertised to help soothe and relax nearly muscle in the body. Depending on your desire, you can choose from either a sensitive or a vigorous massage. Because of this, older individuals like the gentle nature of this model, while athletes have also grown to love it because of their desire for a much stronger massage. The full body scan technology incorporated on many high end chairs today is present on this one as well. You will find that the chair will adjust to your specific body type and height, making this is a suitable option for households with multiple users.

The design of this best massage chair incorporates programmed massages for some of the more common uses. This includes spa, smart massage, healthcare, and relaxation. Out of this comes the array of features that has made the Merax so popular, including tapping, clapping, rolling, Shiatsu, kneading, and Swedish massage. It is also a nice added feature that both the intensity and the width of the massage can be adjusted as well. You can set your massage to run from anywhere between five and thirty minutes, after which point the chair will automatically shut itself off.

This particular chair utilizes an innovative air pressure system. This means that the complete body, right down to the calves, feet, and back, can benefit from getting a massage with this chair. There is also a handy automatic angle adjustment for the foot rest, so you can get your back and feet some needed relief during the massage itself.

17. Health and Beauty Massage Chair

The Health and Beauty Massage Chair is a luxury product that contains a built in entertainment system that allows you to integrate your favorite music with the most relaxing experience possible. This chair comes with a sophisticated design and offers every user that benefit of receiving a full body massage. There are nearly 70 airbags on the chair, each one focusing on the lower body of the user. It is also possible to customize each program, detailing the frequency and intensity of the pressure applied to the back, buttock, and calf. Each person that uses this chair can benefit equally from the chair, as each program is slightly different.

The seat offers a great deal of adaptability with 5 choices of back rub techniques and 6 pre-customized knead modes. The techniques incorporate shiatsu, kneading, flapping, kneading and flapping, and vibrating and knocking. As per your inclination, you can likewise pick a program, for example, weariness, medicine, unwind, social insurance, wakeful and active recuperation.

The Health and Beauty first sweeps the form and state of the abdominal area and shoulders and after that changes the back rub as needed. The seat additionally offers concentrated arm kneading motions. For an all the more unwinding back rub, you can likewise lean back the seat to 170 degrees. Furthermore, the seat utilizes Jade thermotherapy, which infiltrates further into the body to unwind the sore and exhausted muscles.

This is a product that is most worthy of being included on our best massage chairs review list. The remote is easy to use and the programs are easy to switch and tailor to any type of body. The chair itself is compact enough to fit in small apartments, but it is also roomy enough to fit the needs and desires of almost any type of user.