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Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

Brookstone Massage Chair Reviews

Massage chairs offer multiple enormous benefits to those who utilize them, several of which are lesser known. Undoubtedly, this collection of merchandise can help with diminishing tension and loosening up muscles. However, studies show that they can additionally alleviate anxiety, joint problems, persistent pain, high blood pressure, and depression. Those who are looking to improve their overall well-being will consistently find a Brookstone massage chair proves to be a fantastic investment.

Some conditions to consider when browsing for this product are upholstery type, pre-programmed options, the power of its rubbing effect, the capacity to recline, availability of heat, the number of airbags, the range of rollers, type of functions, and different positions that you can use the item in. Price and length of warranty make up other things that you should be aware of when choosing the appropriate variety for your needs.

1. Brookstone Recover 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This single Brookstone model is optimal for anyone who wants a place to unwind and recover from muscle aches, life worry, or workout muscle fatigue. It is also fitting for those who may be on their feet throughout the day, such as nurses, retail workers, construction crewpeople, landscapers, and teachers. This is because it offers both manipulation and heat to the legs and feet.

1. Brookstone Recover 3D Zero Gravity

Another perk of this 3D Zero model is that manufactured to provide a space-saving design, perfect for those who don’t want a piece of furniture that clutters the entire room. It also comes with multiple airbags, auto-massage programs, and even a backlit remote control to precisely operate the device. This item was inspired by the position astronauts adapt to while in ascent to outer space, which is considered to offer improved circulation, complete relaxation, easier breathing, and a deeper and stronger experience.

This furniture selection abounds with qualities that make it a solid buy for the right person. One most fascinating feature of this item is the 3D massage. With this capability, the rollers move in all sorts of ways (up and down, side to side, and front to back) to ensure every single inch of massaged area is properly cared for.

In addition to this, the 3D Zero has Shiatsu areas which focus on the hips and calves with deep rubbing sensations. There are also rollers along the posterior that offer this same sensation, which is like what you would feel when visiting a licensed acupressure therapist. An auto detection system will scan your body and determine tallness to ensure the manipulations hit the correct areas of your build.

Six manual massage techniques can be chosen, depending on the user’s needs. These include Shiatsu, Thai, Tapping, Kneading, Clapping, and Rolling. You may also change the roller width, body area, intensity, and speed. The provided L-track seeks to offer a deep back acupressure which will work from the collar to the rear end, where the majority of people lament about with regard to recurring pain.

As far as the auto-massage programs go, they last around 15 minutes and provide different sorts of massages, based on what you need at the time. The programs that are self-regulating include Back Relief, Flex, Posture, Lower Body, Energy, Soothe, Morning, Night, Extend, Neck & Shoulder, Body Stretch, Expand, Stress Relief, Full Body, and All Air. You can also choose to undergo a quick session for a six-minute massage of the entire body.

A cinch to assemble and start usingCan be noisier than some options due to ability to recline
Solid construction and designLacks the capacity to save preferred settings
3D massage is similar to feel of a therapists’ thumbsDoes not have spot option for specific bodily area
Offers manipulation and heat to posterior, feet, and legs
Many auto-massage programs and customizable styles

The Dynamic Squeeze variation that this option features uses 50 distinct air cells to help press feet, palms, arms, seat, and back which can help with improving circulation. You can customize this by choosing a particular body part if you have one in mind.

Zero Wall technology allows for a complete recline at even two inches from a wall or barrier. The body of the chair moves forward to sprawl, rather than pushing back and taking up more space.

Another exciting feature is the Zero Gravity recline which offers help with elevating your legs over your heart. To enact this option, it’s as simple as pushing a button. Doing so will take pressure off your spine and spread it evenly across the entire build, allowing for a more effective massage.

2. Brookstone ReAct Shiatsu Massage Chair

Brookstone’s ReAct Shiatsu has a unique and artistically pleasing design that catches the eye immediately. It looks like a cross between a video game chair and a standard recliner, which is something many may welcome. For those who are concerned apropos with how a traditional massage chair will look in their house, this option gives a contrasting style that may work better for some. The colors of the chair consist of black and gray fabric with red trim.

2. Brookstone ReAct Shiatsu

This piece of craftsmanship does not come with a clicker but instead operates courtesy of controls on the side of the chair. They are straightforward to get used to, allowing for you to choose your favorite benefits without looking at the layout. The chair is also relatively lightweight for this type of item, coming in just a hair over sixty pounds once unboxed. This makes it uncomplicated to move, whether you do so once a day or three times a year.

The Shiatsu type of manipulation offered with this model is perfect for increasing circulation, improving posture, and alleviating tension. This sort of rub originates from Japanese healers who found acupressure points that help to heal a body. The deep kneading Shiatsu option can help promote muscle recovery, soothe aching muscles, and relieve muscle tightness.

It uses a circular motion that is optimal for tired and sore muscles, whether from a long day at work or a day playing sports. The L-track rubbing design also allows for both back and buttock massage. It also provides a heated option which helps with tense and painful muscle relaxation.

There are pre-set programs you can use, although not as many as some other chairs. However, you can apply it for just a back rub if you are experiencing pain in the neck or along the vertebrae. The other option is for a full body massage, with this pick you’ll be rubbed down by multi-directional rollers that start at your nape and come down to your waist, and then hit your thigh and buttock muscles for full relaxation.

Minute size is great for small room, and moving is a breezeHas no ability to reach feet, legs, or arms
L-shaped movement for back and seatTall individuals may find the chair is too low to the ground
More economical than various other optionsIs not a zero-gravity chair
Provides heat therapy and automatic rubbing programs
Includes removable neck cushion

While this election may not have every bell and whistle, it makes up for it with the tiny footprint, modern aesthetic, and the extremely affordable price. The only person we would urge to reconsider this chair are those who are quite tall, as some people do not like how small the Brookstone massage chair is to the floor for those with towering bodies. Otherwise, we would call this the perfect choice for someone who is new to manipulating chairs or interested in the particular style that it provides.

3. Brookstone Renew 2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Our final Brookstone chair is the Renew 2 Zero Gravity. As you may know, Brookstone is considered an extremely reputable company in the massage chair realm, as well as offering premium foot spas and foot massagers. This choice is another example of that premium quality that Brookstone massage chairs typically exhibit.

3. Brookstone Renew 2 Zero Gravity

You can expect that the zero-gravity design puts you into a reclining position which leaves your legs higher than your chest. That allows for deeper handling of tissues, as well as removal of pressure from your spine. However, it is not capable of as much intensity as the 3D model Brookstone massage chair. Those who want a bit of a gentler touch will likely find that to be refreshing information.

This product has received lots of applause for the fact that it offers substantial manipulation of the back, but also the glutes. This is one of the main reasons that this is a choice worth considering for those who sit at a desk most of the day. However, some individuals will need to consult with their physician before choosing to purchase this item. That includes those with spinal disorders, blood clot risk, osteoporosis, pacemakers, diabetes, and expectant mothers.

If you come home and want a quick session with the Renew 2, that’s always an option. It offers a fast course that comes and goes in five minutes while providing significant rubbing over the entire body. There are also many techniques available, inclusive of Kneading/Tapping, Tapping, Kneading, Rolling, and Shiatsu. You can also change body zone, the level of intensity, and roller width.

Anyone out there who prefers to set an auto program has many choices, too. Sleep mode is there to help you sit back and get off to dreamland easier. Soothe mode gives you many diverse techniques to get all your muscles relaxed. Full body, as expected, works from your tippy top down to your toes. If you want to target the feet, neck, and shoulders, Stress Relief will be a lauded choice. Back relief offers stretching and kneading to that area of the body. There are also choices of Renew, for circulation, Stretch, with is primarily used with air cells, and All Air to boost blood current around the body.

Excellent for taller individuals, as foot height can be changedThose with minuscule feet may find manipulation overwhelming
L-track massage offers practical, intense vibrationsAirbags and movements can create moderate noise
Lumbar heat function is ideal for persons who spend the day at a deskProbably not ideal for those shorter than 5’3”
Back massage is surprisingly efficient from neck to bottom
Comes with a two-year limited warranty

The Renew 2 has a timer option that will allow you to add 15 minutes to any default time, perfect for those who enjoy a long, slow massage. This doubles the length of the standard custom massage programs, and nearly doubles the auto massage programs, too. Another feature that results in comfort is the automatic detection system that scans your body for size to identify pressure points and a customized, personalized experience.

Accessories with this item include a remote control with easy to understand buttons and an LCD screen, which is superb for when you want to use the product in a dark, quiet place that promotes stress reduction. The cushion on the seat and backrest is also removable, which allows for a broader spectrum of adjustment with regards to the tenacity of the chair’s manipulation.

All three of these massage chairs offer impeccable quality, and each provides numerous innovative features that individuals will appreciate. Your needs will dictate exactly which design is suitable for you and your dwelling. Those interested in an intense and full-body experience may best like the Recover 3D, while those who value thriftiness and aesthetic may be happiest with the React Shiatsu. Those who sit on their buttocks most of their day will appreciate the features of the Renew 2 massage chair.

However, there are always outliers to these determinants, so jot down what matters to you and consider what the best choice for yourself is. Brookstone massage chairs are an excellent choice for nearly anyone looking for an outstanding product that will be durable and well-priced. We anticipate this gives you the information you need to move on and get the chair that will best fit your needs.