How Do Massage Chairs Work?

How Do Massage Chairs Work? – Massage chairs are an innovative and functional tool that can provide a lot of relief to several areas of the body while also offering a place to sit comfortably. It’s great to be able to use a chair to its maximum capabilities, and massage chairs offer some of the best relief in the business.

There are many reliable brands of massage chairs that have been offering advanced new ways to bring comfort and relief to the body. Some massage chairs come with heat that helps to melt away the pain while the massage rollers and air bags work their magic around your body. Other chairs come with foot rests, foot massagers, and zero gravity reclining abilities, allowing you to lay as far back as you’d like so you can take a great nap. No matter what kind of massage chair works best for you, there are a couple of ways that make them work the way they do.

You may be wondering, how do massage chairs work? There are a few essentials that we want to discuss in order to help you understand how these modern marvels function in the way that they do.

How Do the Built-in Massagers Work?

There are a variety of different types of chair massagers that work to achieve deep-tissue massages within your body. The typical massage chair uses a system of gears, rollers, motors, and air bags to not only provide relaxation, but also to offer different choices as to which type of massage the user would like to have. Typical massage types include kneading, stretching, compression, percussion, and shiatsu. These massage types are achieved using the gears, motors, rollers, and air bags.

How Does the Chair Know Which Settings You Used?

How Do Massage Chairs Work? - Massage chairs are an innovative and functional tool that can provide a lot of relief to several areas of the body while also offering a place to sit comfortably.

It’s quite innovative that the chair can automatically respond to the settings you put in on the remote. What’s even more impressive is when the chair can save those settings and remember them the next time you want to use the chair.

This unique memory system uses a microprocessor to store information, apply your favorite settings, and adjust to the commands you input on the remote. It is like a miniature version of a computer, which response electronically to the signals you send out. The microprocessor can do things like remember temperature settings, massage intensity settings, which massage type was chosen, and even which level you would like to recline to.

Speaking of reclining, there is a new and improved zero gravity reclining feature which can allow you to sit all the way back. The way this works is a cool function all in itself.

How Does Zero Gravity Reclining Work?

Zero gravity reclining is the system by which a massage chair can recline all the way back to reach 180 degrees, thus laying the user on their back. By lying flat like this, the chair helps to raise the knees above the level of the heart, which increases blood flow and stimulates good circulation. Plus, in this position, the user can relieve all pressure and gravity from their back, which provides a lot of comfort and helps the in-built massagers reach a deep level of spinal massage for the best effect.

This process using a motorized reclining system, which works much better than a manual reclining system. This way, the chair bends itself all the way back without breaking the other motorized systems and massagers that are inside.

Each technological feature of the massage chair is built to work together; by assembling flexible parts, the chair can better work for your pleasure. It can often shape itself to the contours of your body, adjusting to your height and pain relief preferences.

How Does the Full Body Scan Work?

Some massage chairs use an infrared body scanning technology to assess the individual needs and specifications of the user. This technology can often assess the height, weight, and pain preferences of the user. By using infrared vision, it can detect the areas of the body that are in the most pain. This is because the parts of the body with the most pain will emit the most heat, and will show up strongly on the machine’s infrared detector.

The infrared technology is typically controlled by the microprocessor, which is the most integral part to how massage chairs work. Microprocessors are the control center of the chair, much like the brain is the control center of the body. Based on the data that is put into the microprocessor before installation, it may or may not be able to employ this advanced infrared body scanning technology.

What Other Features Come with a Massage Chair?

There are several extra features that come with the use of a massage chair as well. Some massagers have hydraulic compressors, shaking pads, vibrating pads, and even twisting mechanisms to achieve different types of deep-acting relief. Almost all of these massage types are achieved by use of an electric motor, which can help to control the amount and intensity of the massage.

The air pumps work to create a compression feeling, while tiny wheels activate the rollers which move smoothly around your back to help with the most pain relief. All of these features are hidden, though, which are like that for two reasons:
To protect the controls from outside damage and wear, and
To upkeep a nice aesthetic appeal with a smooth, leathery surface for your enjoyment and relaxation.

The leather upholstery or fine fabric print that is accompanied with the chair always adds a nice touch. The creators of massage chairs truly thought of everything. They were able to make something that is highly functional, that can also work well against the other pieces of furniture in your room. If you are ever asking yourself, “How do massage chairs work?”, you will now have a better understanding of what the process entails. All of these motorized and computerized parts work as a smart robot to give your body the best comfort it needs. And it can all be achieved by simply sitting in a chair and pressing a button on the remote.


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