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iJoy Massage Chair Reviews – Human Touch is one of the top providers of innovative, luxury-quality massage chairs. They have been in the manufacturing business for over 35 years and have provided several patented massage systems that closely resemble the feel of professional massage therapy. 

iJoy massage chairs are underneath the Human Touch umbrella, offering less expensive massage chairs that provide these unique and professionally tested systems of massage. Chairs by Human Touch have the distinction of winning many Design Journey Awards for Design Excellence, based on their ability to blend fashion with function for the modern user.

iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair
iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair

The iJoy 4.0 offers an elegant yet simple design that will easily blend in with home furniture or office décor. It isn’t overly bulky and doesn’t take up a ton of space, so even those who wish to utilize it in a smaller room will likely have no problems. It also has some features that make it more mobility friendly, including wheels for moving, and a power reclining feature that you can activate by a quick button push.

As for those who this chair may not be ideal for, it can be a bit of a stretch for those who are taller than about 6’0”. The way the backrest is positioning can make it uncomfortable and require some intricate positioning, which may make the massage a bit less relaxing than for others. It also is a bit low to the ground and may be hard to use for those who are older or who suffer from arthritis. However, if you fit neither of these categories, this will be a very comfortable chair to use.

Massage Programs

Most massage chairs come with a number of pre-programmed options so you can sit down, hit a button, and let the chair do what it does. The iJOY 4.0 is no different in that respect, as it offers three auto massage options for you to choose from. The first, Back Refresh, offers a comprehensive massage to the entirety of your back. The second, Neck/Shoulder Relief, helps to relieve any tension you may have in those body parts. The last is a Lower Back Release, which works on the lumbar area to release your tension and provide a refreshing feeling.

Massage Techniques

On top of the programs, you can also utilize four techniques, depending on your need. These are available for customized massage, when none of the auto programs are exactly what you want. The techniques are Rolling, which moves up and down the area of your spin, Compression, which alternates between stroking and rocking, Percussion, which offers faster, tapping strokes, and Kneading, which uses small, circular motions to rub both sides of your back.

Positioning Options

There are buttons available that allow you to choose a specific area of your body to receive the massage. In addition to that, you can utilize the zone option to massage a target area, as well as areas in about a six inch zone nearby.

Technical Specifications

Weight63 Pounds
Dimensions40”L X 25.5”W X 33.5”H
Massage TechniquesKneading, Percussion, Compression, Rolling
Massage ProgramsBack Refresh, Neck/Shoulder Relief, Lower Back Release
Special FeaturesPositioning buttons, built-in power outlet, built-in control panel, head rest, wheels, softening pad, cup holder, 15-minute shut-off, power recline

Special Features

When it comes to features, you get plenty with this chair. It provides a built-in power outlet. This is a great perk, as you can plug in a radio, fan, lamp, or other electronic device and use it from the comfort of the chair. This is something that is not terribly common in chairs, so it really stands out.

The control panel is also built-in, which some will love and others will not. It does make it easy to personalize settings, as well as avoid the clutter of a corded remote, which some chairs use instead. Included as well is a cup holder so you can enjoy a coffee or tea while enjoying the manipulations of the chair.

A pillow for your head is included, allowing you to sit back and relax or even nap while using the chair for a massage or whatever else you desire. Another comfort option is the softening pad that comes with the chair, which is utilized in the backrest. It can calm the intensity of a massage, if you prefer a softer touch.

The additional of wheels allows this chair to be more mobile than others that are similar. If you expect to need to move the chair at any point, this is a must, as chairs in this price area are often very heavy and hard to move to a new destination.

Finally, the power recline option allow for easy adjustment of the chair into a reclining position, which is great for a power nap or extra comfort while having a massage.

iJOY 4.0 Reclining Massage Chair Pros and Cons
Built-in controls are simple to operate, there is also no cord, making for less of a mess in your chosen room.Those who are taller will not find the chair comfortable. It may require careful positioning to use appropriately.
There is very little assembly required for this chair after you lug it inside and get it out of the box.There is no heating option with this model.
For those who appreciate an understated design, this chair will please. It does not look out of place and futuristic like many other chairs.Chair sits low to ground which will not work well for those with knee pain or other problems getting around.
Wheels make it easier to move the chair around, as needed.
The recline position is easily accessed with a single button push.
World Federation of Chiropractic seal of approval for back pain patients.
Offers a two-year limited warranty, as well as 90-day in-home service, 1-year parts and 2-years structural.

iJoy 2.1 Reclining Massage Chair

iJoy  2.1 Reclining Massage Chair
iJoy  2.1 Reclining Massage Chair

The 2.1 Reclining Massage Chair by iJoy is a compact option, often suggested for those in urban areas where spaces may be more limited. It has outstanding ergonomics, as well, and has received the Consumer’s Design Best Buy award in 2013. It also allows for the use of various techniques, which is unusual for the size of the chair. 

This chair is also perfect for those who want an entry-level and less expensive option. If you only want occasional massages or short massages after work or play, it will certainly suit your lifestyle. It also gives a great briefing into how massage chairs work and will give you a chance to see what you most enjoy, if you choose to upgrade down the line. 

However, it is a smaller option, and for those who are over six foot, it likely won’t be the best option for you. You’d need to lower your back in order to get a full massage, which is likely to be uncomfortable. Because of that, if a taller person is going to be the primary user, it may not be the right choice. It also does not have full body massage, so if you need that, it might not be right. There is no leg, arm, or head massage.

Massage Programs

This chair has three auto massage programs for you to choose from. Sore Muscle Relief is used to soothe aching muscles, and is a great choice after a hard workout. The Back Wellness program helps to rub out tension in the back, and reinvigorate the lower back, where a lot of tension can lie. The last program is Stress Therapy, which focuses on breaking up any knots and kinks so you can relax or head off to bed after you are finished.

Massage Techniques

Four techniques are included with this chair, many more than similar sized chairs on the market. You can get a Kneading massage, which offers smaller, circular motions. If you want a heavier massage for kinks and knots, the Percussion technique is likely to work best. Those who want to focus on the spine will enjoy Compression, which alternates strokes in that area. The final type is Rolling, which gives gentle rolling motions to the sides of your spine.

Positioning Options

As with the other chair in this review, the 2.1 Reclining Massage Chair does offer spot focus, for times when you want a particular area worked on more heavily. A zone button is also included for massage that sticks to one area and areas that are fairly close to it. This is great for when you have a specific back area that is aching or has a lot of stress buildup, and you want to ensure it is rubbed out well.

Technical Specifications

Weight60 pounds
Dimensions37”L X 27”W X 32”H
Massage TechniquesPercussion, Kneading, Compression, Rolling
Massage ProgramsSore Muscle Relief, Stress Therapy, Back Wellness
Special FeaturesPositioning buttons, corded controller, softening pad, 15-minute shut-off, recline release handle

Special Features

As this chair is quite small, it doesn’t have a million features, but what it does offer is useful and appreciated by those who own it. It features a corded remote which is simple to operate, and which can be stored when not being used, to keep the area neat. 

It also comes with a removable soft pad for the back, this can be used to control the intensity of the massage. Those who want a gentler manipulation of their muscles will often take use of this pad, which comes standard with the chair.

There is a reclining option, which can be great for comfort or even napping. There is a release handle to pull in order to activate this feature. It can recline up to 160-degrees, and the more you choose to recline it, the greater intensity that you will benefit from when being massaged.

The chair also has an automatic shut-off timer, which comes in handy for those who relax and fall asleep in their chair. After fifteen minutes, the chair will turn itself off to avoid overuse of the engine and parts.

iJoy 2.1 Reclining Massage Chair Pros and Cons
Offers outstanding spot massage so you can focus on problem spots.Backrest will not fit those over six-foot-tall, meaning it’s hard to get an upper back massage.
Zone button also works well for most users and provides a lot of relaxation.Does not provide a heated option.
Simple to setup and just as simple to use. Only requires attaching the backrest with a few bolts.Must be manually reclined by a pull level, rather than a button.
There is a two-year limited warranty for those in the US and Canada. It also cover in-home service for three months, one year for parts, and two years for structural issues.

iJoy’s massage chairs are certainly a solid option, whether you are a distinguished lover of this type of furniture, or you want to try it out for the first time. The two chairs reviewed above have extremely different uses and price points, which ensures one of them is likely to fit your personal needs. 

If you want a lavish chair full of extras, the iJOY 4.0 is hard to beat. The addition of a cup holder, power outlet, head rest, wheels, and power recline make it an extremely strong competitor against other chairs in the same size and price range. It will last a good long time and provide you any massage type you could want. It’s also comfortable and useful for regular sitting or napping, if that’s something you appreciate.

On the other hand, if you want something a bit less full-featured and prefer an inexpensive price tag, check out the 2.1 Reclining Massage Chair. It has plenty of techniques and programs to use for massages, especially if you want a machine that focuses on the back. It’s far from featureless, but also holds the honor of being a really great size for anyone who has to put a premium on it.

While both chairs have their pros and cons, you will find that the positives largely outclasss the small negatives. Either the iJoy 2.1 or the iJOY 4.0 is going to provide you with a great massage in a design that isn’t too overboard. When it all comes down to it, those are the most important factors.

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